Writer, Director


Austrian-born Bernadette Wegenstein is a Research Professor at the Johns Hopkins University, where she directs the Center for Advanced Media Studies at. She produced the documentary Made Over in America (Icarusfilms, 2007), exploring the culture of extreme makeover shows. She is currently in pre-production with a documentary on the history and culture of breast cancer.

Bernadette has also produced and directed the documentaries Made Over in America (55 min Icarusfilms, 2008) and co-directed See You Soon Again (65 min The Cinema Guild, 2012), which was theatrically released in Austria and aired on PBS and on Austrian and German national television in 2013. She is also a programmer for the Austrian Human Rights Film Festival thishumanworld.




I'm an actor turned filmmaker. You can watch my first feature film as aproducer Radio Free Albemuth streaming on Netflix, iTunes, Amazon or buy the DVD (Producers like that!).  RFA is an adaptation of a novel by Philip K. Dick, directed by John Alan Simon. Got a great review in Variety and screened at Lincoln Center Indie Night Series before theatrical release summer 2014.


The Good Breast documentary, directed by Bernadette Wegenstein premiered in May 2016 at Bentonville Film Festival. What a great festival - love their ethos of diversity and inclusion. 


The Good Breast is about breast cancer and the mythology of the breast.  Our companion doc, Devoti Tutti, about the Festival of Saint Agatha in Catania, Sicily, is currently in post-production (see our #UntoldStories campagin on Seed and Spark!). For the first time, St. Agatha's story will be told from a female perspective. 


I'm active in the LA Theatre and indie film communites. Family and friends and work you love is pretty much a trifecta.  


My Motto: Work Hard And Be Nice To People




Hi! I'm Rebecca Messner, producer of Devoti Tutti and The Good Breast: a pair of interconnected films directed by Bernadette Wegenstein.


The Good Breast, about breast cancer and the mythology of the breast, premiered in May 2016 at the Bentonville Film Festival. Devoti Tutti, about the Festival of Saint Agatha in Catania, Sicily, is currently in post-production (see our #UntoldStories campaign on Seed and Spark!).


My first film, Olmsted and America's Urban Parks, featuring the voices of Kevin Kline and Kerry Washington, was broadcast nationally in 2011 on public television and is currently being distributed on PBS DVD. A writer, editor, and independent film producer, I have written for numerous publications and also served as executive editor of Urbanite magazine, a Baltimore-based monthly magazine that addressed the issues that affect urban citizens.  I currently work as an analyst at Seminole Capital Management, covering the media industry, and will be heading to NYU Stern School of Business as an MBA candidate in August 2016.




Edoardo is a graduate of the Experimental Cinematography Center in Rome. As a fiction and documentary editor, he has edited, among others, the film Liberami by Federica di Giacomo, which won Best Film at the Venice Film Festival, Orizzonti section 2016; Sex Story by Cristina Comencini, Torino Film Festival, 2018; Belluscone: A Sicilian story, by Franco Maresco, winner in 2014 of the Special Jury Prize at the Venice Film Festival, Orizzonti section, and of the David di Donatello in 2015 as Best Italian Documentary. Also with Maresco he edited I am Tony Scott.


He has also edited fiction debut films including Federico Cruciani's Il bambino di vetro, selected at the Rome Film Festival.  He is currently editing Devoti Tutti by Bernadette Wegenstein, Immobile by Federica di Giacomo and The Mafia is No Longer The Same As It Used To Be by Franco Maresco (to be premiered at the Venice Film Festival 2019). His documentary, The Ghosts of San Berillo, won the Best Film Awards at Turin Film Festival 2013 and Valdarno Cinema Fedic 2014. His documentary, The Outpost, received Special Mention Award at Solinas Documentaries in 2017. Since 2014 he is a lecturer at the Experimental Center of Cinematography, based in Palermo. Since 2018 he has taught editing at the CSC in Rome, and lectures at the Academy of Arts and New Technologies in Rome.



Assistant Editor


Maxwell Anderson is a film editor from New York. He co-edited Mirra Bank’s feature documentary The Only Real Game starring Melissa Leo, a film about baseball thriving in the unlikeliest of places and its unexpected power to instill hope in an otherwise dire situation.

He started out as a production assistant on films by Jonathan Demme (The Manchurian Candidate), Gus Van Sant (Last Days), Mike Nichols (Closer), and Steven Spielberg (War of the Worlds).


He has worked as an assistant editor with documentary filmmakers Tia Lessin and Carl Deal (Citizen Koch), David Felix Sutcliffe (Adama), Tanaz Eshaghian (Love Crimes of Kabul), and Hava Beller (In the Land of the Pomegranates). Maxwell has also edited the Mysteries of the Kylix for director Bernadette Wegenstein, a short film about a Johns Hopkins class where students attempt to recreate ancient Greek cups using only methods available 2500 years ago. He is happy to have worked with, and learned from, many experienced editors, including Victor Livingston, Mary Lampson, Jonathan Oppenheim, Nancy Baker, and Jean Tsien.


Director of Photography


Judith studied cinematography under Christian Berger and editing at the University of Performing Arts in Vienna. During her time there she worked together with Christian Berger and the revolutionary Cine Light Reflect System. Since 2003 she been working principally on documentaries such as Inland (2019), The Third Option (2017), FtWtF- Female To What the Fuck (2015) which have all been released theatrically and to large acclaim in Austria and Germany.


In 2019 her photos of indigenous cows were published in the book “Die Kuh - Eine Hommage.” She is currently working on four different documentary films, among which the Chinese-Austrian film, My name is Vienna, directed by Weina Zhao.


Motion Graphics


I am a Colombian animator, experimental animation Calarts MFA graduate. My visual art is always looking for ways to mix digital media with hand-drawn techniques or stop motion. Survival, vulnerability, memory and oral narratives drive my creative process. I work with mix media and charcoal. Erase, draw, erase and redraw in the same piece of paper. The past and the footprints left with it, points out the unavoidable presence and shadows from the past, in the rewriting process of making present. my drawings leave marks from former drawings, still visible as part of a memory fading away in my first charcoal animated short film. Animation technique that I will continue to use for Devoti Tutti.


I have cooperated on international animation collaborative films and animated for the youth Colombian philharmonic international summer concert and video installations at the Independence Museum of Colombia.

I work as a freelance animator based in LA and Bogota. Producing my own animated projects, collaborating and working with other artists, musicians, and animators.